Top 5 Propane Myths

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Energy is a complex topic leading to myths and misunderstandings. In fact, consumers may end up choosing an energy source that doesn’t meet their needs due to these misconceptions. For example, there’s a lot of misinformation about propane that is presented as a fact, and those misinterpreted “facts” end up leading to a lot of confusion about what the capabilities of propane are. Propane is clean and environmentally friendly. It has been designated as an alternative fuel since the 1990 Clean Air Act and National Energy Policy act of 1992 and can be used in multiple applications.

Here are some other top 5 myths about propane that we hear on a regular basis:

1.) Propane is more expensive than electricity – FALSE. On average, propane is 27% less than electricity, based on an average kWh cost of $.135 and an average propane per gallon price of $2.69.

2.) Propane is dangerous– FALSE. According to NFPA, propane accounted for less than 1% of structure fires from 2012-2016, while electrical failures or malfunctions were the leading cause of home fires in the United States.

3.) Propane is hard to get and the supply is undependable– FALSE. Unlike electricity, propane is a primary energy source, which is almost 100% domestically produced and inventory levels are higher in the United States than at any time in our history.

4.) Propane is not as clean or efficient as electricity– FALSE. Propane is 93% efficient from its point of origin compared with electricity, which is 35% efficient from its point of origin. Electricity is a secondary energy source; according to the EIA in 2019, 23% of power generation in the United States came from a coal-fired power plant, generating over 966 BILLION kilowatt hours.

5.) Electricity does not have extra fees on their bill– FALSE. The average fees are “hidden” in your total charges, resulting in a higher per kWh charge, ranging from a low of $10 per month to over $50 per month.  Propane fees are itemized on your bill and are generally no more than $3-$4 per month.